• fast and easy to install

simply pack the boards according to the installation layout and add pressure to bond – it’s that simple

  • flat

once boards are packed flat, lightly sand any joints that might be slightly raised and the resulting flat surface is ready for the floor finish

  • dry and no mess

the installation is a dry process – no water, no wet adhesives, no wet screeding systems, no waiting for anything to dry!

  • acoustic

excellent acoustic dampening properties are created by the acoustic foam greatly reducing any sound transfer

  • very easy to handle

each pack is manageable by hand and small enough for small openings, elevators and small vehicles

  • sprung floors

doubling up on the system creates ideal cost effective sprung floors, with outstanding acoustic performance

  • can overlay existing irregular floors

can overlay existing floors (with an uneven base) without any damage to the existing floor – simply lay 10dot20 over the top