10dot20 Product Specifications

10dot20 is a free floating, smooth finish, quick and easy sub floor system ideal for glue down floor coverings including LVT’s, cork, rubber, carpet and carpet tiles. 10dot20 incorporates an acoustic foam which has been bonded with two 3mm HDF top and bottom panels, resulting in an overall system of 10mm thick (or 20mm thick for sprung extremely high performance acoustic floors). The pre-manufactured components are quickly and simply glued10doty together on site using the factory applied adhesive system eliminating the need for wet adhesives or leveling screeds. The result is a super flat finish ideal for professional floor coverings.

The 10dot20 acoustic sub floor system is ideal for floating over small floor irregularities and cracks and also well suited to float over existing finished floors such as tiled, timber, plywood, concrete etc. provided these existing floors are in reasonable condition. Removing the 10dot20 system is just as easy and will not result in any damage to the floor below. 10dot20 boards are neatly packaged in a handleable box especially suited for dry clean environments and multi-level buildings.

10dot20 provides a cost effective, simple and quick solution to many floor installation problems but also has the added benefit of having excellent acoustic dampening properties in commercial & residential multi level buildings.

10dot20 Acoustic Test Through Concrete Slab 10dot20 fast flat dry acoustic sub flooring

System Technical Data

HDF Boards
Thickness mm 3  (± 0.2mm)
Length mm 1200
Width mm 600
Density kg/m3 870 (± 7%)
Internal Bond N/mm2 0.65 (min)
Modulus of Rupture N/mm2 23 (min)
Moisture Expansion Length % 0.3
Moisture Expansion Width % 0.2
Formaldehyde Rating mg/100g E-2
Closed Cell Acoustic Foam
Thickness mm 4
Odour, Toxicity % None
k-Value W/K.m 0.031
Sound Reduction
10mm System dB 23 – 26
20mm System db 25 – 30
Packs include 10 boards (5 bott + 5 top) = 3.6m2
Packaged into a Recycled Paper Box, easy to handle


  • affordable & smooth finish 1st time
  • quick, dry & easy to install
  • ideal for all glue down floor coverings
  • excellent acoustic properties
  • ideal for raised flooring systems
  • no wet levelling screeds necessary
  • can be used on cracked and “rough” surfaces
  • easy to handle and transport
  • 20mm system ideal as sprung floors
  • immediate use

10dot20 Product Specifications 1

Detailed installation guide available here…

10 dot 20 layout guide

10 dot 20 layout guide

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